Interesting Hanoi and Siem Reap

The twin cities of Hanoi and Siem Reap are so similar in culture, demographics, religion and food, that one can call them as twin sisters. Cities, typical as any South East Asian, food is the common connection

Namrata | Luxxury MICE Travel | Hanoi | 18 November 2018

The mood was upbeat as we all gathered at the T3 in Delhi a few days back, to board our Thai flights to Siem Reap and Hanoi thereafter. Our travel to the ‘cute’ twin cities was about to begin. Happily we landed early morning at the Swarnabhoomi Airport only to enjoy a quick Mango – Rice signature desert dish of Thailand and boarded our next lap flight to Siem Reap.

Cute Siem Reap

The wonderful and majestic Angkor Miracle Spa and Resort greeted us warmly and we enjoyed a laid back day at the hotel, enjoyed the spa and the property thoroughly. The lobby level of the hotel was simple jaw-dropping and awesome.

World Heritage Angkor Wat temple

angkor-wat-templeThe next day was a temple day trip to the world famous Angkor Wat temple at the Angkor Archaeological Park. A UNESCO World Heritage site, and Siem Reap’s most iconic temple site. We all were awe-struck by the beauty and magnificence of the temple. Hundreds of tourists like us, were at the temple. Our next stops post lunch (amazing local delicacy lunch) included the Angkor Thom temple, again at the Angkor Archaeological Park; the Ba Yon Temple at the Central Angkor Thom; and more.

After a long hectic day outdoors, we relaxed by the hotel pool in the evening, as we enjoyed our drinks and food. A happy good night wish to all our friends, and we hit the beds straight as we had a noon flight to Hanoi – a destination we were all waiting for so many days now. And specially looking forward to the Halong Bay Cruise and local food lunch on the wooden vessel, exclusively and exclusively reserved for our team for a 3 hour cruise.

Incredible Hanoi

The short flight to Hanoi was super comfy and young cute airhostess girls posed with us for a quick facebook picture. The moment we landed, we were taking about binging on local Hanoi exotic fruits. At the time, Luxxury MICE Travel organised this business travel, the season of exotic fruits was in full swing in Hanoi Vietnam and the travellers enjoyed every bit and bite of the same.

The relaxed day at the Hanoi Pullman, amazing property again, we all met the bar in the evening to catch up. Lots of laughter, jokes and fun wrapped up the day, and we were all looking forward to tomorrow.

Awesome Halong Bay Cruise Hanoi

halong-bay-cruise-hanoiAn early beginning to the day, all excited we boarded our luxury coach for a three-hour long travel to enjoy the most awaited event in our five-day calendar. The Halong Bay Cruise. And the moment we gathered at the sea, the picturesque landscape was amazingly refreshing. The true moment of happiness we all were waiting for. A small boat took us to the large wooden vessel parked at a little distance. And the best part was that the vessel was exclusively reserved for us. Finally the cruise started the journey, the young onboard hostesses greeted us with cold towels, local welcome drinks, and a charming smile of warm hospitality that was about to come.

As we moved on the top deck, hot snacks, corns, salads and fruits were served and the outside views were spectacular. Large chicken rocks could be seen, emerging from nowhere within the sea. Shades of water sometimes blue sometimes green, small tourist boats and large vessels full of local people and travellers alike were criss-crossing around the bay. Undoubtedly, the cruise was incredible.

But as good things must come to an end, the day long Halong Bay Cruise, got over in the evening and we boarded the coach for a long three hour journey back to the hotel. This time all of us were fast asleep on the return. After a freshen at the hotel, we walked to the local streets of Hanoi, for a flavour of local culture, food and local beer. Lots of silk shopping that night, great Vietnamese food and meeting new people was the star highlight of the day.

hanoi-cycle-tourThe next day was a relaxed one. We took an afternoon bicycle trip, only to relive our childhood days. Riding a bicycle after ages, we knew that the hectic city life had made us dependent on cars, that we had no stamina to pedal the cycle for few minutes also. But we enjoyed as we drove with friends sitting on the pillion seats.


hanoi-business-travel-groupFinally the day to pack our bags again and get back to our daily lives. But this was by and large the best of our trips so far. Relaxed and refreshing, Hanoi and the Halong Bay Cruise is a must visit for all; we hope to return someday back again, this time bringing another of our business group for an out-of-the-box experience.