Rewards and Recognition Program in Bali

Happy and motivated employees and team members are amongst the top Corporate objectives. And Human Resource constantly endeavor to make the teams more productive, reduce turnover and boost morale. 
Corporate Rewards and Recognition Programs are one of the finest and widely used tools that ensure teams are well motivated to deliver their best.

Shekhaar | Luxxury MICE Travel | 22 July 2018

The Winning Team with the Awards

Last week, a winning team of 50 employees (along with Senior Leadership) landed in Bali for a Rewards and Recognition Incentive Travel Program, to be greeted with a great outdoor weather. Incredibly happy employees, many of them first time travelers, just couldn’t stop blushing. Happy inside out, it was showing right on their faces.

And watching them enjoy over the next four days, the top management were all smiles too. They danced together, ate together, and indulged in water sports activities; they laughed, clicked selfies; they simply had the best of times.

Even after a long journey before arrival, didn’t stop the teams to explore the city during late night. The street food was awesome and the shopping deals were crazy. Retiring late at the night meant a few did miss the morning breakfast and also the first half of the day sightseeing. An Indian lunch at The Tandoor Bali was highly appreciated. Rich creamy Indian curries and traditional breads gave the teams a sumptuous fill and completely relieved them of the bus and the jet journey in the last two days.

Bali – scenic attractions

The majestical Balinese dance at the Rewards Gala evening

As the days program got off the ground which included a scenic stopover at the Kintamani and Mount Batur, the audience was mesmerized by the beauty. The lush green paddy fields (Rice Terraces, as locals typically call them), the Ubud Art Market for the bargain lovers and more.

The Kuta beach – an amazing beach with multiple water sports activities, the most famous one being the Banana boat ride, for all age groups. One has to wait in a long queue to have a banana boat ride. It was here that the teams shed all inhibitions and the glass windows of a typical organizational hierarchical structure was shattered. The management and the teams were now pally with each other. Objective of the Corporate Incentive Travel program Achieved.

It was at the Uluwatu Temple that the jaws dropped. The teams had experienced something like this for the first time. And why not? The Uluwatu Temple has always been, by and large, the most iconic and always visited attractions on the itineraries of Bali and so has been the Tanah Lot Temple. Every traveller who lands in Bali either for leisure or for MICE, the Uluwatu Temple is a must visit attraction.

Rewards and Recognition Evening

Senior leadership giving away the awards to the winners

And finally the night came that everyone was waiting for. The Gala night – the Rewards and Recognition Program. Suited, formally dressed in their best attires, the smiling teams entered the ballroom, only to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts of the last year. The entire management and leadership teams personally greeted and welcomed each into the room.

The Corporate MICE and Business Travel event began with four Balinese dancers welcoming the teams with an elegant, traditional, cultural dance show. This was one of the many star highlight points of the entire program. The dancers set the right tone and the mood for the evening. And later obliged each member by striking a selfie pose with them. Within minutes the social media got activated and family members back home got updated about the evening.

The formal rewards program commenced with the Managing Director of the Company welcomed the teams and apprised them about the Corporate Growth of the previous year. He then lauded the efforts of each member and how their contributions/efforts had helped the company achieve the larger objective and also surpassing growths of the last few years.

The keynote address ended with sharing next year objectives and growth targets; and pledging that the company will outdo the set targets as well. The formal awards presentation ceremony was well hosted by a male and female emcee; with an occasional stand-up comedy act from one of the team members. The guy with the guitar set a very romantic tone for the evening; and as the champagne bottles were uncorked, the winning teams danced away to glory on the their favorite numbers. It went on to be quite a late night.

Some adventure lovers hit the streets after the party to party further until dawn; as it was time to head back home that day.

But astonishingly happy and turbo charged, the team brought back lifetime memories; and for the first timers, it was as if that they were on top of the world. Every thought of the Corporate Incentive Travel trip and the Rewards and Recognition program will bring back the happy memories of this trip for life.

So if you are planning a Rewards and Recognition Program or a Corporate Incentive Travel Program for your teams to Bali, or any destination on the world, Luxxury MICE Travel offers a basket of promotions and team-bonding ways, to help corporates achieve larger business and growth objectives.

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