Sustainability – An Overview

Sustainability is an act of balancing People, Planet and Profit – the three bottom line (TBL). When the social progress, environmental responsibility and economic activity of this planet are in harmony with each other, it enhances both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspiration.

According to the global footprint network and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world population is overstepping itself in the use of the Earth’s bio capacity. The current global footprint is 156% of the earth’s bio capacity. This indicates that the current population is using more resources than the earth can replenish in a single year. In other words, to meet the demand of annual current global consumption, over 1.5 planets is needed. Trends impacting this challenge include population growth, economic expansion, globalization, digital connectivity, accelerated consumption and disparate prosperity on one hand, and ecological decline, lack of global corporate governance and resource scarcity on the other. The problem of declining resources and increasing demand is referred to as the big squeeze; a dilemma of increasing demand and decreasing supply of resources.

Keeping the above data in mind, there is certainly a greater awareness of the need for implementing sustainable practices in MICE, but sustainability in India is not yet among the top concerns as there is still a belief that “being sustainable is expensive,”. But there are quite a few environmentally more responsive travel partners/agents, dealers, hotels, conventions bureau and associations like us that are promoting sustainability from their action areas and contributing to the transformation of the sector.

Sustainability in Corporate Travel, Business Events

At Luxxury MICE Travel, we strongly believe in integrating sustainability into our work ethics. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the anthem of our company. We encourage corporates (as much as we can or rather try and share long-term benefits) to:

    • Use Eco-friendly / Organic / Locally procured products for all MICE activities
    • Hand-made, local Corporate gifts
    • Use decorative items for events that are recyclable and reusable
    • Use group/public transport to commute to and fro from the event
    • Consume local, in-season / organic products, food, fruit
    • Use digital/mobile platforms instead of paper printed material
    • Reduce waste and manage waste by using recycle bins on event site
    • Avoid plastic bottles/dishes and cutlery
    • Use recyclable badges
    • Use lanyards made from sustainable material
    • Avoid meat (difficult as of now to implement) and prefer local beer
    • Promote with our guests to get their own reusable Coffee mug
    • We plan our events with the venues/hotels with energy efficient lighting, large glass facades for natural lights, rooms with environmentally more sustainable placards (for sheets and linen)
    • We rely on tips like these and certainly do our bit in supporting sustainability

Sometimes a little too hard with the client, but our quest for sustainability remains. It is the sum of these small acts that can make a real difference.

One day we would love to Conduct carbon neutral events - A “carbon-neutral” event is one that looks into those unavoidable emissions produced by the event. Further on these are calculated and compensated by buying voluntary carbon credits coming from a project with clear environmental, social and economic advantages, making the final emission balance equal zero.