The Wine culture in India is gathering momentum. The experiential younger generation has substantially dropped consumption (though not completely) of spirits only to embrace Wine. Wine is the next New.

The corporate executive experience thrill and an all-time state of high happiness as they experience Grape Stomping activity.

A great barefoot Grape Stomping MICE activity encourages team building and bonding, as teams gets into the vats or huge earthen colored wooden tubs full of freshly plucked grapes. The synchronized stomping experience for about 60 minutes is an enchanting experience whether you are inside the tub or outside. The holding of hands inside the tubs between the teams (to avoid any falls) promotes bonding like never before. The singing and dancing comes naturally during this process, taking the teams to a new high.

It actually starts with an early morning escorted vineyard tour, where teams get to see varieties of grapes, its plucking process. One must note here that the timing at which the plucking happens is extremely critical for results. A guided winery tour thereafter lets one experience the entire wine making process. The last lap of the tour is the best part – Wine Tasting in small quantities, made with variety of grapes, texture, flavor and acidity levels.

A MICE experience created around Wine Tasting is truly memorable for life. One that brings a smile for teams for a long time.

At Luxxury MICE Travel we have a Wine expert that specially curates a MICE activity around Wine. Connect with him at with Wine in the Subject Line and he will take it up from there.


    • Early morning Grape Plucking
    • Barefoot Grape Stomping
    • Nature Walks
    • Wine Making
    • Wine Tasting


    • Vineyard Walking
    • Wine Factory Tours
    • Culinary and Wine Combos
    • Pizza and Wine, Meat and Wine
    • Corporate Gifting